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Panorama Homes takes Environmental Stewardship Seriously.

Each of our homes goes through rigorous third party testing and verification to achieve the prestigious Build Green New Mexico and Home Innovation National Green Building Standard Certifications as well as qualify for ENERGY STAR and New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Tax Credits.

Panorama Homes high performance homes boast third party test results of 40%-50% more energy efficient (without solar!) and 30% -40% more water conserving than non-certified homes and incorporate durable natural materials –thus avoiding harmful chemicals. In addition, mechanical ventilation and radon mitigation systems maintain healthy indoor air quality. High performance homes cost less to operate, saving thousands of dollars in ownership expenses and have healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

Benefits for homeowners include:

  • A better home with lower ownership costs
  • Affordable utility expenses
  • More comfortable with even household temperatures
  • Healthier indoor environments
  • Constructed of durable materials

Energy Star/Build Green New Mexico (BGNM) homes are third party independently tested and verified by a Home Energy Rater (HERS rater) to achieve these qualifications and give the homeowner assurance of performance.

Basic building science of a green home starts with energy efficiency and the ENERGY STAR qualification. This is done by basic building science principles:

Think of your home as a quality constructed coat. Tight cuffs keep cold air, water and drafts out; snuggly fitting high performance insulation keeps you warm with your own body temperature. Your home's building envelope should work the same way.

  • Control airflow – Air sealing, tight ducts, air barriers, pressure balanced.
  • Control thermal flow – Air sealing, tight ducts, proper insulation installation and alignment, high performance low E windows and thermal bridging.
  • Control moisture flow – (vapor and bulk) Air sealing, tight ducts, air barrier, right sized heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, air exchange ventilation.
  • Efficient Equipment – High performance energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), energy efficient water heating systems, energy efficient lighting and appliances, quality installation.
  • Third party inspection – Test whole house air infiltration, test duct leakage, monitor and verify thermal bypass check list, rate energy efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanical system.

Green Build New Mexico

Build Green New Mexico (BGNM) provides substantial federal and state sustainable energy credits and rebates. To certify to these standards the energy efficiency requirement is increased and water efficiency and conservation are included. Lot preparation, resource efficiency indoor air quality, and global impact are tracked and documented.