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Thanks & Praise

Dear John and Panorama Team:

Now that we are settled into our new Panorama-built Sandia Park home, we wanted to let you know, again, how very much we love our home and appreciate the partnership that we had during the concept, design, building and post-building phases.

From the moment we walked the lot together to the time that you handed us the keys (and beyond), this has been a wonderful and exciting adventure for us and we are 100% certain that we chose the right builder for our home! At one of our earliest meetings, you explained that you have three parameters to manage—Cost, Quality and Time—and that Quality is the most important for you. We were so happy with this approach since it resulted in us getting our dream home, with costs and timeframes well-understood and managed.

First, thank you to you and Mike Grashius for working with us to develop the perfect floor plan that met our needs and maximized our enjoyment of the view! We are so pleased with the functionality and efficiency of the floor plan, and the creative way that you gave us an amazing 1800 view of the desert and mountains.

All of the Panorama Homes associates and subs were wonderful, with a special thanks to:

Ansel (Ansel's Interiors) for her great collaborative guidance on our interior/exterior material and color choices, Robert (Strahle's Tile and Granite) for his beautiful and artistic work with granite, tile and installation, Dustin (McCoy Cabinets) for the wonderful custom cabinetry in our home, including the great built-in double desk in our den, Sondra (Turn-on Lighting) for her good advice and support for us when making the big lighting decisions, Joe (Ferguson's Plumbing) for his helpful recommendations for our plumbing fixtures and Brian (Panorama Homes) for his responsiveness in helping with post-close items.

Most of all, we want to thank Mike Caddell (Site Superintendent) for his caring and professional support during the build-and-beyond phases. As you know, we were living in Maryland during the entire time that the house was being built. Mike helped us immeasurably by being our eyes and feet on the ground. Once the house was complete, we had to delay our move from Maryland because of the COVID-19 situation. Mike helped us again by keeping a watchful eye on the house until we were able to move in this past summer. Having Mike as our Superintendent from start to finish (and beyond) truly gave us invaluable peace of mind!

John, we're so grateful to you and your team for helping us conceive, design and build our dream home!

We wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Julie and Jon W.

Thank you Panorama for building us a fabulous retirement home. Your execution model from initial design through punch list closeout is exemplary. The assignment of leading industry and proven subcontractors and suppliers ensured our home was built with the highest quality and integrity. Providing us access to an outstanding interior decorator in the selection and construction process as a resource in your execution model greatly assisted us in meeting and exceeding our final build expectations. Considering quality and price, we highly endorse Panorama as the “best value” in New Mexico for new home construction.


As a realtor I did my best to find the right home for my clients in the North Albuquerque Acres area. We just couldn't find the right home for them. They really wanted to enjoy the beautiful views of the Sandia Mountains to be found in this part of town. I put them together with John Lowe of Panorama Homes. They now have their dream home of the highest quality and rave about Panorama Homes.

Julie, ERA Buyers & Sellers Real Estate

We wish to thank you for not only planning and building our wonderful custom home, but also following up on major and minor details during and after the warranty period. We are very pleased with the quality of construction and integrity of our home. We continue to be in awe over the workmanship of your many subcontractors who performed their specific jobs with great attention to detail. These include your concrete finishers, framers, stucco finishers, plumbers, granite and tile installers, roofers, insulators, drywallers, cabinet makers, landscapers and others. Working with these craftsmen was an enjoyable project that led to our getting the exact details in our home that we desired.

Having lived in and enjoyed this home for two and a half years has greatly enhanced our lives. The service provided by Panorama, including your project managers and others, was a great experience which we would definitely recommend to others seeking to build a fine custom home.

Again, we thank you for all that you’ve done for us in building and maintaining our home.

Donna & Richard

I just want to tell you what an amazing builder you are! We always loved and appreciated our home you built for us, but building another home in Texas made us aware of how truly amazing/quality you are! I promise you when we move back you will have our business again. We will always recommend you when people ask about building in NM. Thanks Again.


I just want to tell you what an amazing builder you are! We always loved and appreciated our home you built for us, but building another home in Texas made us aware of how truly amazing/quality you are! I promise you when we move back you will have our business again. We will always recommend you when people ask about building in NM. Thanks Again.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the hard work and dedication that went into building our beautiful home. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of construction, the responses to our questions, the recommendations that were made during the building process, and the follow-up when we had concerns. The vendors that we were referred to were very easy to work with and had high quality materials. The craftsmen who were involved in the actual construction and detail work on our home were talented and diligent in getting everything done the right way and to our satisfaction. The Building supervisors were instrumental in making us happy and having our project go smoothly. Thank you again for all you did to help us build our dream home.

Mo and Gay

We are delighted with our new house and thank you and the entire Panorama team for a beautiful home and a wonderful experience. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless, fun and exciting, even though we lived across the country during construction.

We were amazed at how precisely you developed the perfect design for us after only a few phone conversations. When it came time to choose finishes, we discovered that including interior design service in your contracts is brilliant – it took the stress out of choosing finishes and gave our house a personality. As construction progressed, Carolyn kept us routinely informed on the status of our budget, which was most helpful in keeping us on track AND let us sleep at night. Your subcontractors’ work was artful, careful and precise and our Green Build Certification was done quickly and without a hitch.

Even though we only made a few trips to New Mexico during construction, we were always fully informed and totally a part of the process. We had daily email, photo and/or telephone communication with our Superintendent, who was always on top of every detail.

Everyone at Panorama Homes earned our unwavering trust and confidence by commutating openly, following up on any concerns, promptly answering all our questions and never turning anything into a “problem.” We appreciate your commitment quality and to satisfying the needs of your clients.

Carol & Craig L.

My wife and I did careful research for some years prior to deciding to contract John Lowe’s company, Panorama Homes, to construct our new residence in the east Sandia Mts. in Cedar Crest, NM. Mr. Lowe patiently met with us on numerous occasions to develop my initial floorplan and ideas into workable blueprints, with no upfront charge for the blueprints or the numerous design changes. John also contributed significantly to the design process with his own unique features, too numerous to mention, and I also recall him assuring us that our new 3200 square feet “platinum green certified” home would incur costs of less than $1,000./year for total annual heating & cooling bills. I admit to being a bit dubious since our home is located in the mountains at over 7,000 feet altitude, where it is often very cold, but he was totally accurate in his prediction.

Our house ended up beautiful and very well built with all of the custom features that my wife desired, and including some last-minute design changes in the kitchen to provide more cabinet space. During these changes, John’s attitude was “no problem, we will make this work” and surprisingly there were very low “change in work order” cost increases for these modifications.

The overall experience was very pleasant as the crews that Mr. Lowe employs do excellent work and the building supervisor, Mike, patiently made the entire process easier than I ever anticipated. Mike watched over every detail of the entire process and even my wife was happy, which was no small matter as she is fastidious about small details. We would enthusiastically recommend Panorama Homes to anyone considering building a new home!

Anyone desiring to discuss my experience in the Panorama home building process may feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

G. Scott

Our family had outgrown our current home, so when the opportunity emerged to pursue a new home we consulted several builders and spent countless hours pondering the pros and cons of each. When the dust settled, John and the Panorama team stood alone. Very simply, John's commitment to the customer both during and after the build process is unmatched. Whether it's providing the design and interior decorating resources to bring the home concept to fruition, carefully selecting only the most reliable contractors, or responding to our ‘round-the-clock questions, John was determined that our home aesthetics and quality meet our vision.

Obviously with this major financial, emotional, and time investment there were many questions and concerns. The Panorama team did not flinch. John understood the depth of our commitment and was prepared to match that dedication. John was always responsive and found the win-win paths on our home building journey. Now that we have settled into our new home, we often get compliments from friends and family on the overall craftsmanship and beauty of our home. Yet they are equally impressed when we tell them that our relationship with Panorama doesn't end when house keys are handed over. John will follow-through to make sure that the right things are done right, even after move-in. We know that such integrity is rare in this economic climate.

Jake and Malissia A.

We have known John Lowe personally for many years, and knew of his integrity and excellence in building beautiful homes. That is why we chose Panorama Homes. We love the east mountains, and the lot we purchased happened to be on a rocky knoll. John and his staff were able to design and build our home given the challenges of the weather and the mountain of rock.

John worked closely with us, giving suggestions to enhance the look of our home. Whatever we wanted in design he worked with us to make our ideas into feasible solutions in our home. We were offered cost saving suggestions as we worked through choosing tile, flooring, doors and roofing. As we interfaced with the various vendors, each one related their respect and pleasure in working with Panorama Homes. Qualifying as a “green” home was effortless on our part, as Panorama took on the responsibility of interfacing with the necessary New Mexico State entities. As our home progressed, John has been beyond fair and honest in working through the inevitable speed bumps that have arisen.

The end result is a beautiful home in a beautiful setting, and a firm friendship as well as business relationship with John and Craig at Panorama Homes. We can wholeheartedly recommend Panorama Homes to anyone wanting to build a home.

Barbara and Lynn S.

John had been working with my husband to design a house for a steep and difficult mountain-side lot prior to our marriage. After we married, we purchased a new lot and significantly changed the design needs for our new home. John had four words, "Congratulations, let's do it." That is the essence of Panorama Homes, whatever the client needs or wants, they are there to facilitate and fulfill.

As we designed our new home, John and his staff methodically and cheerfully went through no less than 20 iterations over a six-month period. Finally, when we decided the design was perfect, he and his crew gladly got down to the nuts and bolts of building. We are appreciative of John's attention to detail, meticulous work ethic and his integrity in standing 100% (and then some) behind his work. We are constantly complimented on our extremely unique contemporary home, and we gladly give credit to our builder, John Lowe and friends at Panorama Homes.

Vern and Susan R.

We are so grateful to Panorama Homes for working with us to build an unbelievably beautiful home. This has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience for us. The quality and integrity of Panorama Homes and its employees is rare. It was a pleasure working with them.

Mike and Michelle B.

When we relocated to Albuquerque from the Midwest, we looked at hundreds of homes for sale and available building sites. We had acquired quite a collection of different home styles from architectural and house plan books. After seeing the quality of the homes that John Lowe and Panorama Homes built, we decided to meet with him. We had a huge collection of architectural styles and examples of rooms that we wanted to incorporate in our home, and John made them a reality for us. He was very adept in the design aspect and was so helpful in letting us know what would and would not work structurally - and why. He would propose a different way of achieving what we wanted and was very good at helping us achieve our goals and keep within our budget while making informed decisions.

John and his staff at Panorama maintain the highest degree of integrity in all that they do with the building process and were an invaluable resource in giving us ideas to get the look we were after. They were very knowledgeable regarding energy conservation measures and meeting environmental concerns. Their word is as good as gold and they back up their workmanship 100%. We are extremely happy with our home and loved the whole process! Many thanks to John and his staff!

Chuck & Linda E.

We chose Panorama Homes as our builder for many reasons, including no-obligation design, attention to budget, outstanding supervision and skilled subcontractors. But, the over-riding quality we sought - and found - was honesty and integrity. The design team working with John Lowe was indispensable, permitting us to remain out-of-state throughout most of construction, yet knowing that our house was in good hands. The final product exceeded our expectations. We recommend Panorama Homes without reservation. Thank you, John Lowe & Panorama.

L A & J R Henrickson

Our experience with Panorama Homes was excellent. Our home was built on time and on budget. Our project manager, Tim Nolan, is a great asset to the company and managed the quality construction of our home. We asked Panorama Homes to complete our custom home in six months and they succeeded! Great vendor partners were selected and delivered quality work. An added benefit was the use of ten hours with an interior designer to help choose colors and amenities. The whole process was made very easy by John Lowe being honest and upfront throughout our experience.

Jay & Emilee G.

For those planning on building their custom home, Panorama and John Lowe are absolutely the right choice. I have built 3 homes prior to working with Panorama and all of them required a lot of arguing with the contractor. The first time that I meet with John Lowe, I was impressed with his philosophy on home design and his overall building process.

John takes his time to get to know the family and what is important to them. He then designs the home taking into consideration all the family wants, the best layout of the home and the overall fit of the home into the community. He takes his time and really listens to what you, the client, wants.

The overall quality and build is top notch. There are no cutting corners and Panorama only uses contractors that do quality work. I am very happy and content with the home that Panorama built for me. My friends and family are always paying compliments to the home and I owe all that to John Lowe and the Panorama crew.

Trent R.

When we moved to Albuquerque, we looked at over 50 houses for our family. We made an offer on only one house and later discovered that it was built by Panorama Homes. We weren't able to come to terms on that home and we couldn't find anything that we really liked, so we decided to build our own home. Because we liked the home that Panorama built, we looked at building with Panorama Homes. We really appreciated being treated with respect during our investigation process.

After selecting the builder (Panorama Homes), we selected a lot and started designing our home. We were sure that we wanted a two-story home, but our favorite lot wouldn't allow a two-story home. John Lowe assured us that we would be very happy (if not more happy) with a single level home, so we decided to purchase our favorite lot. We then had the privilege of helping design our home. We did like a few things from many of the 50 homes we visited before deciding to build, so we gave John the list of desires and must-have items. John came back with a drawing of a home, but we didn't really like the home that was drawn. We identified what we liked and what we didn't like and then repeated the process after adding a few more design constraints. After John came back this second time, we were quite happy with the basic design. John was very helpful during the design phase and never complained that we were so hard to please; in fact, he seemed to enjoy the challenge.

Once we finalized the design, the house went to bid and a contract was signed. Up to this point, I had no obligation and no money out of my pocket. John was so interested in having me (the customer) happy, that he didn't charge anything until we had final designs and a contract in place.

The building process was minimal stress. This was our second home that we had built, and the stress level difference was amazing. Panorama took care of everything and all we had to do was make sure things went as we wanted. When we decided that something needed to be changed, John was very accommodating and was happy to make the change (unlike our previous experience). We were very happy with the whole building experience. We love our new home! We would definitely recommend Panorama Homes to all of our friends.

Kevin & Jane

Panorama Homes paid close attention to what was important to me as a home owner. They were creative in the design process, attentive in the build process and delivered a beautiful custom home. Everyone I encountered worked as a cohesive team in order to provide me the level of customer service I desired. THANK YOU PANORAMA HOMES!

Greg B.

We found it a pleasure to design and build our home with John Lowe. He did an outstanding job working with us to develop a plan that all three of us agreed was an efficient home and precisely what we wanted. He went out of his way to make subsequent minor changes painless, and to keep us informed of options. When we found minor problems after we took possession, they were readily taken care of to our satisfaction. He worked with us as a friend.

Glen & Carol K.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous effort you put into our new home. At times we asked for things to be changed or added, and you were always willing to accommodate our desires. You truly made us feel that you were building our house especially for us. Your subcontractors also worked with us to ensure that we were satisfied with our home. We have built a house before, and we can truly say that this was a much better experience for us. We are very happy with our final product! Your original designs were the perfect layout for our needs. The little special touches that you put into our home make it the envy of our neighbors. People often ask us about the builder, and I freely give your name to them as we are confident about your commitment and attention to detail. Again, thank you for everything you have done for us. We love our home and have you to thank for it.

Rolen M.

The Process from beginning to end has been a pleasure - working with all of you at Panorama Homes. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is quite evident - very courteous, considerate and prompt in response to all requests. We found you all to be trustworthy and extremely capable. Please stop by any time and visit when you have the opportunity - you and your family and co-workers will always be welcome. Thank you again for caring - and helping to make our home a delight. We will always highly recommend contracting with Panorama Homes.

Shawkeet & Lois H.

We are extremely pleased with every aspect of our new home. John Lowe of Panorama Homes takes great pride in his work and is a true professional. He was very accommodating and worked with us from the blueprint phase through the finished home and beyond. It is clear that all the staff of Panorama Homes is very competent and that they take pride in their work. The highest compliment we can pay John and his team is to say that if we were to consider putting our home on the market today, we would begin immediately to work with John Lowe to build a new home.

Bob & Phoebe M.

John was very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. We found him particularly patient and helpful in the design phase which was a real period of indecision for us. I think we had more revised house plans than any of his homeowners to date. We are very pleased with the quality that he built into our home, and his attention to detail.

Greg & Shanna C.

We relocated to Albuquerque as part of a career change for me. The family remained behind to finish up the school year while we looked for our new home. We were certain that we would be the happiest with a home built to our specifications, and selected John Lowe and Panorama Homes as the builder. Right from the start, it should be appreciated that this was a high-stress endeavor. A new job with a new company, a relocation of family, and a newly built home all at the same time. We found that Panorama Homes made this incredibly easy. They have been responsive all along to questions, comments and changes. When womething was not right, they made it so. I didn't get arguments or foot dragging, I got results. They were open minded to changes and added their own artistic flavor as we evolved. Panorama Homes' team seemed to understand the stress and mitigated it. They met us at the site at all hours to discuss changes or status. They worked hard to get us into the house as close to schedule as possible. All of this made the experience of building a new home less stressful and, in some cases, a lot of fun. I trust Panorama Homes to build a good home, build it right, make it right if it’s not, and do it when they say they will. I will use them if I ever build again in this area.

Joe S. & Kay K.